I’m currently working full time as an illustrator and designer of educational materials for schools in the US. I also run greetings card publisher Alicorn Cards. I’m currently based in Glasgow but love an excuse to travel!

In the past I’ve exhibited in venues like The Saatchi Gallery(Geneva), The Lighthouse(Glasgow) and Somerset House(London). I am experienced in working for the editorial, publishing, giftware and music industries.

I’m fascinated by the human condition and draw on literature and science to inform my work. I find drawing helps me to explore conflicting feelings and arguments and I relish using it as a tool to learn more about anything and everything. I take particular pride in creating work which can impart knowledge to others and I strive to do so in a contemporary, engaging and beautiful manner.

I am also a huge animal lover and volunteer with my dog to visit hospitals as part of Canine Concern Scotland’s Therapet Scheme.